Youth Programs

Learn the basics. Create a solid foundation.

Youth Winter Pitching Program (9-14)

Our priority is to set the foundation for long term health, elite movement, and enjoying the game.

Long term development of the elite player starts with mastering the fundamentals. Our summer program was developed to begin the process of creating elite movement through appropriate skill and movement drills.

  • When: Begins January 17th – April 25th
  • Times: Thursdays from 8:30-9:30pm
  • What’s included:
    • Fundamental pitching mechanics
    • Mobility training for better movement
    • Arm care and recovery emphasis
    • Pitch against live hitters before getting outside!

Cost: $450 + HST


To sign up online for our winter pitching program email us or 

Youth Summer Program (10-14)

Long term development of the elite player can still occur during the season. Our youth summer program was created to continue the process of creating elite movement through appropriate skill acquisition and movement drills.

How it works.

Depending on your schedule, you will come into the facility and receive instruction on the day(s) that work best. If you need to throw a midweek bullpen, you will do that. If you need to take extra swings to get ready for a tournament, that will be your workout.

Each player will receive access to the technology and coaching that we use with our professional and high performance groups. Semi-private instruction tailored specifically for your needs!

  • When: Begins May 29th, 2018
  • Times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays 7-8pm.
  • Run time: ALL SUMMER
  • Players will come in 1-2 times a week

To sign up for our youth summer program please contact us!

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