Youth Programs

Have fun learning the basics.


The most comprehensive youth training out there

It all starts with a physical assessment: every player that walks into BDG to train undergoes a mandatory physical assessment. This provides us valuable information about their health, movement, and what drills they’re able to perform. 

It all relates back to the simple question:

“Can your joints do what you’re asking them to do?”


Pitching Assessment: Once we know that you’re healthy and what your body is capable of, we’ll use our 1000 FPS cameras to put you through our BDG Mechanical Assessment. On top of that, we’ll use the Motus Sleeve to understand your workload and relative stress numbers.

All of the baseline information is used to understand where you currently are so that we can come back to it in the future!


Once that’s all said and done, we can start to incorporate the right drills for you, introduce arm care basics, and have fun! 



The most comprehensive youth training out there

The Assessment starts with a physical examination as well to ensure that we know exactly what we are working with. 

Swing Assessments: the most comprehensive hitting assessment out there includes the usage of two key pieces of technology; the Blast Motion sensor and the HitTrax. 

The Blast Motion sensor gives us key information about how your bat moves, with key scores like Connection, Rotation, and Acceleration that can be compared to peer groups. 

The HitTrax provides us valuable information about where the baseball goes – the exit velocity, launch angle, distance travelled. 

Both of these tools are then used to figure out where you are, what you need to work on, and then used as a re-assessment tool to find out if you’re making the right progress!


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Fall Training Program

Starting in September, we will be holding a Fall Training Program for youth aged players.

Two nights / week working on the skill development of throwing and hitting for one hour each group.

Runs from September to October, running on Tuesday and Thursday nights. There will be two groups; one at 7pm, the other at 8pm.  

Individual Lessons

Working one-on-one provides the most in-depth training session possible with our great coaches. Get the maximum amount of attention & full use of the technology.  

One Time Assessments

Looking for a one-off assessment to get the process started? We can work that out too and provide a follow-up hitting or throwing program based off your needs. All first time players require an initial assessment to serve as a baseline.