Take control of your development.


Take control of your development.


For BDG athletes, High Performance is not just a term – it’s a lifestyle. Training at BDG is for those who are willing to do anything to get better. It’s not a walk in the park, a social event, or a place to just hang out.

Each player will undergo a detailed clinical, performance, and biomechanical assessment to establish individual needs. We analyze our findings, explain them to you, and develop a program specifically tailored to help you reach your goals.

Through the integration of a number of tools including strength and conditioning, weighted baseballs, performance therapy, and mobility work; we can maximize training adaptations and get you where you need to be.

You supply the work ethic, we supply the plan.

Ready to chase down your potential?

for any inquires please contact Baseball Operations Manager – Mateos Kekatos at mateos@baseballdevelopmentgroup.com


Equipped with the latest technologies in baseball player development and coaches that have built their reputation on being able to interpret them, every athlete will have an unrivalled opportunity to learn exactly how they stack up against their competition.

That is merely the beginning.

In daily training, our coaches leverage technologies and software from partners such as ProPlayAI, Kinetic Pro Performance, Hittrax, Rapsoda, Blast Motion, ArmCare, & Driveline Pulse in addition to our own systems to keep athletes and coaches accountable, track progress, measure response to stimulus, etc.


Since 2017 BDG has been home to some of Canada’s top baseball talent.



What is the training schedule?

Our hours change based on time of year and are subject to holidays, blackout dates, etc.

Our schedule generally looks like this:

Mon-Fri – 4:00pm to 11:00pm

Sat – 3:00pm to 9:00pm

~2 hour time slots

How do I register?

All athletes new to BDG or who have not been assessed in 2023 will need to schedule an assessment.

To book your assessment and begin training please fill out the application form below.

Why is an assessment mandatory?

The assessment is the building block to all our programming decisions.

By running athletes through a comprehensive assessment and taking the time to get to know the athlete, their history, current skills, physical makeup, etc, we are able to construct individualized and scientifically driven training programs that have unrivalled results.

As athletes enter the program, we can refer back to their assessment as a north star for where the lowest hanging fruit is to attack for their development.

As a High-Performance member, you will receive a free reassessment 6 months into training.

What ages is High Performance for?

High Performance is a semi-private membership to training services for high school, collegiate and pro athletes.

Group size is capped at 10 athletes.

Do you only train pitchers?

No, we are known for our pitching development and that is our specialty. We have expanded our High Performance program to include hitting with our new instructors.

As well at various stages of the year position players can expect regular live-abs off numerous top high-school, college and professional arms.

What does a High Performance session typically look like?

Sessions will last approximately 2 hours.

The first 15-20 minutes is dedicated to warmup which athlete-specific mobility work from our assessment findings.

Next, athletes move into roughly an hour of skill-specific work. Here, athletes will work through their customized training programs in a competitive small group atmosphere under the watchful eyes of our coaches.

In the second half of the session, athletes will transition into the weight room where they will attack sport-specific strength and conditioning. Each athlete will have their own individualized program designed by our Strength & Conditioning Coordinator Dr. Ryan Faubert. Each program weaves mobility, speed and power into the sessions to develop a well-rounded athlete.

How does my team training fit into BDG's program?

At BDG we try to be as flexible and accommodative as possible with athletes outside commitments (ie. team training).

Our High-Performance groups are flexible and span numerous time-slots across the week. Athletes can signup for any time they are available.

If athletes are required to follow strength, throwing, etc, program by their team we can make accommodations for that.

Our number 1 priority is making our athletes better, whatever outside demands an athlete may have we can adjust our programs on our end to uphold that mission and satisfy your team’s requirements.



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