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Age appropriate High Performance for 13/14u

It all starts with an assessment: every player that walks into BDG to train undergoes a mandatory assessment. This provides us valuable information about their health, movement, and what drills they’re able to perform.

Futures Program athletes will be taken through a condensed version of our Assessment Process prior to starting their individualized training program. This assessment includes a range of motion screen with one of our chiropractors in training, collecting basic strength metrics, perform jump testing, and capture several throws on PitchAI.

Click on the image to the side to view an example assessment.


Age Appropriate Programming: Building off the assessment our coaches will use our findings to build individualized programs for each athletes throwing and introductory strength training. 



Starting October 17th and running through until the end of April, the Futures Program is a scaled-down version of our flagship off-season development program designed for High School athletes.

As a Futures member, athletes 2 weekly training sessions where they will be guided through customized training programs for throwing, hitting, and introductory strength and conditioning.

Similar to the High-School version, sessions will be approximately an hour and 45 minutes with the first half focused on skill development and the second spent in the weight room for strength training.

Designed for 13-14-year-olds, the Futures Program specializes in gamification to create a positive and fun atmosphere instilling a life-long love of baseball training.



$325 / month (2x sessions weekly) + Tax*

*assessment included in monthly training fee. This is a training membership which operates similar to that of a gym. There will be no discounts, credits, or refunds applied for athletes that miss training sessions. For further questions on pricing please contact alex@baseballdevelopmentgroup.com

Training Times

Mondays & Fridays | 7:30pm – 9:15pm

Wednesdays | 8:0pm – 9:45pm

Saturdays | 6:00pm – 7:45pm


Program runs throughout the entire off-season. We are still accepting athletes, please contact us at info@baseballdevelopmentgroup.com to register.


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