BDG is a home for Canada’s next generation of talent – athletes and coaches alike. As an aspiring coach looking to hone their craft, BDG is the place to be.

 Work hands-on with Canada’s top baseball talent

Gain experience with the latest player development technologies

Develop relationships inside of professional and collegiate baseball

Access to educational resources

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Anthony made the most out of his time at BDG by gaining experience with player development technologies and developed an R Shiny pitch design app to be used with our high school athletes.

Anthony Lucchese

Advanced Scout, Toronto Blue Jays

Joshua Appel

Player Development, Toronto Blue Jays

Rich served as a Pitch Design Engineer at BDG. In this role, he helped deliver actionable insights to athletes and developed his own Pitch Design Comparision tool.

Richard Birfer

Assistant Pitching Analyst, Texas Rangers

Josh Krstulovich

Director of Player Development, Little Rock University

Bench joined BDG fulltime in April 2021 and went on to make significant contributions into the way we assess athletes with PitchAI. Catching the eye of the Texas Rangers with his research initiatives, Bench joins fellow BDG Alum Rich Birfer in the Lonestar state and will work in the Rangers biomechanics lab.

Ryan Bench

Performance Center Apprentice, Texas Rangers

After founding BDG in 2017 and demonstrating to professional baseball the power of performance therapy and an integrated approach, Dr. Osterer accepted a position with Cleveland in the Winter of 2020.

Dr. Stephen Osterer

Director of Pitching Development, Cleveland Guardians


Passionate about baseball? Interested in research, technology, player development? Want a roadmap to a job in professional baseball?

We are seeking individuals with a variety of experience in the disciplines of player performance (S&C, pitching, data analytics, etc.) and are especially interested in those that have a history of independent learning.


See below for available positions.

Pitching Trainer

As a Pitching Trainer, you will be responsible for working daily with athletes on the training floor, coaching them through throwing drills, warmups, bullpens, etc. To facilitate athlete programming and development you will work closely with our Director of Pitching. 

Strength and Conditioning Coach

As a Strength Coach, you will be responsible for working daily with athletes in the weight room demonstrating exercises, correcting technique, etc. To facilitate athlete programming and development you will report directly to our Director of Performance.

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