A new standard in baseball development and performance.

Baseball Development Group is the first high performance baseball facility in Toronto dedicated to helping both athletes and coaches in the sport of baseball realize their full potential by combining training, research and manual therapy.

Our Philosophy

The BDG believes that optimal development requires a comprehensive model founded in principles of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, & motor behaviour.

We understand that every athlete is unique, and thus every athlete requires an individualized approachThis starts with a thorough clinical assessment of the athlete’s health & physical fitness, injury history, joint function & movement quality, and skill-specific movement analysis.

We use this information coupled with ongoing assessments & monitoring strategies to direct targeted interventions at specific limitations to health, function, and performance. Depending on the athlete’s needs, this may include manual therapy, joint preparation, specific strength enhancement, or biomechanical adjustments.

Optimal development occurs when a team of professionals, unified under a singular model of health & performance, work together to deliver the best possible care.

That is the future of baseball performance.

Our Facility

Baseball Facility Toronto

The Baseball Development Group works out of a brand new 5,500 square foot facility. The space includes two full length batting cages, a massive live throwing area, high performance gym, and manual therapy room.

Our goal was to provide players with everything they need to get to the next level; radar guns and LED display boards for immediate feedback, Rapsodo pitching for data on spin rate and pitch efficiency, Motus sleeves to capture elbow stress, our newly developed workload management software and more.

If you are interested in facility rental or want more information about any of our programs contact us below.

Are you realizing your full potential?

In today’s baseball world, most pitching coaches are faced with an unfair task. Out of necessity, and at no fault of their own, they attempt to wear a number of development hats. Whether it’s producing an off-season strength and conditioning program or advising on rehabbing an injury, pitching coaches are taking on too difficult a role.

Some coaches are fortunate enough to have access to a strength and conditioning coach, but how integrated are they? Are they on the same page? Do they work under the same principles?

More often than not, pitching programs are poorly scraped together, without rationale, rhyme or reason. Misinformation is rampant. Players are forced to run sprints after a game, neglect joint motion for strength or told that if they aren’t in pain they’re clear to start a weighted baseball program. What’s worse is that they may even be told one thing by their pitching coach and something entirely different by their strength and conditioning coach or therapist.

What is the result?

Players get poor advice from multiple different inputs and lose out on developing. Or worse. They get hurt.

My name is Dr. Stephen Osterer and I have felt that pain. After committing to pitch at Cornell University, I succumbed to an injury that prevented me from throwing my entire senior year of high school. A long and frustrating road to recovery ignited the beginning of my professional career that has since seen me work as a strength and conditioning coach, pitching coach and a manual therapist.

The rising tide of arm injuries that we’re seeing in baseball isn’t just frustrating. It’s personal. 

  • Pitched for the Cornell University Big Red 
  • Doctorate of Chiropractic (Cum Laude with Clinical Honours)
  • Guest presenter at Pitch-a-Palooza in 2016, 2017

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