Since 2017 BDG has been home to some of Canada’s top baseball talent. Below is the ever-growing list of names that will forever be painted on the wall to pay homage to their work ethic, sacrifices, and drive to better themselves.



Each athlete listed has thrown 90mph or greater in-person at BDG on a Stalker radar gun.



Travis Seabrooke

(Team Canada, t94mph)

Landon Leach

(Minnesota Twins, t96mph)

James Mienkowski

(Ontario Blue Jays, t92mph)

Carter Seabrooke

(College of Central Florida, t92mph)

Evan ElliottĀ 

(University of Iowa, t98mph)

Keegan Pulford-ThorpeĀ 

(University of Central Florida, t93mph)

Tyler Gillies

(Milwaukee Brewers, t96mph)

Lukas Veinbergs

(University of Missouri, t93mph)

Sam Springer

(Les Aigles de Trois-Rivieres, t93mph)

Mateos Kekatos

(Ottawa Titans, t94mph)

Jackson Jones

(Niagara University, t92mph)

Owen MacNeil

(University of Charleston, t92mph)

David McCabe

(UNC Charlotte, t91mph)

Graham MacNeil

(Toronto Mets, t90mph)

Ryan Giberson

(Belmont Abbey College, t94mph)

Krystien Johnson-Batilana

(Davenport University, t91mph)

Evan Kiser

(University of Guelph, t96mph)

Will Langford

(Queen’s University, t90mph)

Niall Windeler

(Minnesota Twins, t93mph)

Virot Siharath

(Virginia Commonwealth University, t91mph)

Trevor Brigden

(Tampa Bay Rays, t94mph)

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