Head to toe breakdown of what you need


Head to toe breakdown of what you need


Stop guessing. Start improving.

The developmental needs of an elite baseball player far exceed those of his peers. The truly dedicated player trying to get drafted, land a scholarship, or advance a level in professional baseball requires more insight than ‘your hips are tight’ or ‘get your elbow up’. They need more than just randomly prescribed mobility exercises, throwing programs, and poorly thought out soft tissue work. The dedicated don’t just walk into a training facility and ask themself  “what should I do today?” The depth, attention to detail, and scope of our comprehensive assessment was built to identify exactly what an elite player needs. Zeroing in on what’s preventing you from reaching your potential is always step #1. 

Prior to scheduling an assessment, new athletes must fill out an APPLICATION FORM to express interest in training at BDG. Once an application is submitted athletes will be contacted to set up an assessment time.

Re-assessments occur regularly as part of our training program. Every high intensity training day is a re-evaluation of skills and concepts for our athletes.

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The starting point for every journey is to know exactly where you stand at the simplest level. Our assessment begins with a thorough on table Functional Range Assessment ® to identify joint limitations. You can think of this as taking a ‘joint inventory’. If we have an idea of what each joint can handle in isolation, we can build a better appreciation of what they can handle cumulatively.


Our on table assessment is coupled with a movement analysis to see how the player co-ordinates multiple joints together. This movement analysis was developed to identify points of compensation or dysfunction. For example, looking at how a pitcher moves their hip and spine to accomplish rotation in stable positions gives us insight into how they might rotate in a more complex motion like pitching.

Working in parallel with our movement assessment is a mechanical assessment of each athletes pitching delivery to identify breakdowns and weaknesses throughout the kinetic chain.


Pitch AI, developed by our Research Director Dr. Mike Sonne and his team at ProPlay AI, is changing the game of sports science.

After importing slow-motion video recorded through any mobile device, Pitch AI is able to export a comprehensive biomechanical report that allows us to pair quantitative 3-D data and visualizations with our mechanical assessment to offer our athletes unparalleled insight into their mechanical efficiency.

Sample biomechanics report that is generated from a slow-motion video captured on a mobile device after running through PitchAI.


We will perform an in-depth performance assessment utilizing Rapsodo & High-Speed Video, to assess your pitch arsenal.

By pairing the data and video collected in the performance assessment with our movement assessment we can offer athletes feedback on how to best utilize their pitches in competition, suggestions for adding or altering pitches to their repertoire, and strategies for how to attack hitters to have the most success.


The next step is to use a battery of strength, power, and speed tests to identify where an athlete stands relative to their goals. Finding out where an athlete lies on the force-velocity curve is of paramount interest to us and helps differentiate training needs.


Where our assessment stands out is in the integration of our findings. Our understanding of movement, mechanics, and strength and conditioning allows us to pick out weaknesses, areas for improvement, and determine the proceeding course of action.

You need a COMPLETE plan on how to get better.

In order to maximize development, you need the skill coach, strength and conditioning coach, and therapist, to be on the same page – delivering an integrated program. 

Where our assessment stands out is in the integration of our findings. Our understanding of movement, mechanics and strength & conditioning allows us to pick out weaknesses, areas for improvement and determine the proceeding course of action.

If you don’t have a plan on how to get better, you’re going to spinning your tires and wasting time.

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