We’ve put together one of the most comprehensive remote training platforms on the planet, that will give you everything you need to attain your goals. Custom throwing, strength & conditioning, 24/7 text support, check-in phone calls, nutritional plans, hundreds of educational videos and more. 

100% Online Training

Train in your environment. On your own time. At your own pace. 

Ages 14+

This program isn’t for absolute beginners. 

3 - 6 Month Commitment

We want athletes who will jump into the deep end, not dip their toes in.


Everything you need to chase down your potential.

In Depth Assessment Process

Go through 20 different screens and tests to narrow in on what your weaknesses. 

Educational Library

Massive library of videos to walk you through your program, answer questions and highlight key concepts. 

Customized Training Plan

Get a plan that’s built for your needs, not for anyone elses. Customized and tailored to getting you better. 

Training Support

24/7 text support through our group community, bi-weekly phone calls and continuous updates. 




With the help of BDGs remote training program, I was able to put together one of the best seasons of my career. The program that they use is phenomenal, and one that holds players accountable to it. Being able to help develop me as an overall athlete, helping put on 10-15 pounds of quality weight and see my strength numbers rise, as well as velo, wasn’t even the best part about he remote training. The resources available made it worth it. I felt myself able to take control of my career with the kind of insight that I’ve never had access to before.  The care and tedious effort into tailoring a program for every individual player was phenomenal and helped me learn everything to where I am today!

– Matt Fiorini LHP, University of Saint Francis 






Why choose remote training?

Remote training is perfect for the athlete that needs diretion, individual programming, and is self-directed. Through our assessment process, video updates, and support, we are able to address your specific needs much more appropriately than if you were in a team setting. This is for the hungry. 

How old do I need to be to partake in this program?

We are only going to be working with players aged 14+. Players selected will also require experience lifting weights as we will not be taking on absolute beginners. 

What is the cost of the program?

We start at a 3-month commitment and offer 6 months as well. For our pricing, please contact us so that we can match your budget with our program. 

Do you offer training for players rehabbing from injury?

So long as you are medically cleared to partake in a training program. We cannot provide rehabilitation advice over the internet, so if you are NOT CLEARED please refer yourself to your immediate medical practitioner. 

Do you offer team training?

YES! We offer team training for high schools and colleges that are looking for a budget friendly way to train their athletes; whether that includes throwing, hitting, or just strength & conditioning. Of course, this includes a significant educational portal for coaches and players alike. For pricing and options, please contact us.

What kind of support am I getting?

Each player will have 24/7 access to text support, bi-weekly phone calls, and a Project Code Red group chat, where we will answer FAQs and review topics. Traditional remote training in this regard and we want to do everything we can to support you.  

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