Targeted programs directed at your specific needs.

What’s holding you back from the next level?

If you know that gaining a few MPH is the barrier to entry to the next level, what are you doing to train for it? If you’ve been told that you have a projectable body, but aren’t barreling the ball out of the park, maybe it’s time to change things up. Getting to the next level is not easy – it requires a targeted, specific and measured approach.

That’s where we come in.

Why Train with the Baseball Development Group?

INDIVIDUALIZED PROGRAMMING to throw harder, get stronger, and become more mobile.

UNLOCK MOBILITY to expedite mechanical changes and skill acquisition.

ONGOING ASSESSMENT to mitigate injury risk & maximize training adaptations.

Getting to the next level is not easy – it requires a targeted, specific, and measured approach.

We use a multidisciplinary, comprehensive approach to physical preparation which involves a unique combination of manual therapy, mobility drills, skill development, and specific strength enhancement to give you the best opportunity to reach the next level.

Program Options


Our College Summer Program was created to offer an alternative to ‘just playing games’. Players will train throughout the week, faceoff against each other, and spend time developing.


The High-School summer program is an extension of the off-season High-Performance program.

Athletes will receive the same level of instruction and programming as the off-season but catered to their individual competition schedule demands. 


Our Youth Summer Program is for the next generation of BDG bred stars.

Work with our world-class staff to ensure the proper long-term development of your young athlete.

Recommended for ages 12+.

Introductory strength and conditioning classes and 1-on-1 lessons available upon request. 

To secure your spot in one of our summer programs you will be asked to place a deposit as well as fill out a short form ranking your preferred time-slots and giving, outlining summer goals, etc.

To place your deposit head over to our online store.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this summer will look slightly different at BDG.

To read the full list of our reopening guidelines and safety policies put in place to protect the safety of athletes and staff do so here.

Program Costs

For more information or to register for a summer program contact us at info@baseballdevelopmentgroup.com