Summer College Training Program

Train. Compete. Develop.

Baseball Development Groups summer training program was created to offer an alternative to ‘just playing games.’ Players will train throughout the week, faceoff against each other, and spend the time developing.

Develop. The BDG way.

Strength & Conditioning

Using the Baseball Development Group assessment we will¬†create customized training programs to build more strength, power and better functioning joints. It’s not just about getting jacked – it’s about becoming a better athlete.

Skill Acquisition

Players will be assessed and analyzed to find out what they need to improve velocity, develop secondary pitches, gain exit velocity, and run faster. You will make use over and underload bats, weighted baseballs, radar LED boards, Rapsodo, motus sleeves and much more.

Mobility and Recovery

Our mobility and recovery techniques allows for faster movement adaptations, better functioning joints, and educate athletes to remain healthy. Learn what ‘mobility’ is really all about. Take part in our recovery and regeneration days. All under the guidance of a professional program.

Get the training necessary to reach your goals

Results from 2017

Of the players who attended three days per week for more than six weeks we saw an average gain of 2.5 + MPH.

Our Program is Exclusive


We will not be taking everyone. This is reserved for the players who are willing to commit.


Players must be self-motivated and be able to contribute to our blue collar environment. Part of the development requires you to take control of your career, ask questions, learn, study and be self-sufficient. No one will ever care more about your career than you.

Athletes must be able to commit to training 3 days per week for at least 1.5 hours. Making a significant development change requires consistency and effort. Two things under your control. If you want to just party this summer, this isn’t for you.

If you are working with some soreness or coming off of an injury this program is still for you. We specialize in solving complex issues and reducing pain. If you are injured or rehabbing then we recommend you go through our therapy and rehab clinic.

Experience the BDG Difference

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