COVID-19 Response

The time has come for us to reopen our doors on July 6th. In compliance with government mandates and recommendations BDG will have the following procedures upon reopening. 


  • We will be servicing clientele through appointments only – no drop-in sessions are allowed.
  • As per the gathering limit, there will be a strict cap of 10 people allowed within the facility at any one time.
  • Athletes will be required to wear a mask during on-table assessments or anytime physical distancing cannot be kept.
  • All athletes will be required to sign-in at the entrance at the start of each session for potential future contact tracking. We ask all parents, siblings, and athletes not training to refrain from entering the facility in order to keep the gathering limit below the cap.
  • Additionally, at the time of your first visit, you will be required to sign a waiver form acknowledging that returning to training has an inherent risk and that BDG will not be held responsible for an athlete contracting COVID-19. 
  • To make a payment for services and programs you can go to our online store, or send an e-transfer to admin@baseballdevelopmentgroup.com
  • Upon entrance after sign in, you will be required to wash your hands.
  • There will be only one washroom open at a time.
  • Both the front door and garage door will be open to minimize contact and promote better airflow throughout the building.


  • Athletes new to BDG or who have not been assessed in 2020, will need to go through our physical and mechanical assessment prior to training. Please contact us to make an appointment.
  • All athletes will have a 1-hour 45-minute cap of training and will sign up for reoccurring time-slots upon program registration.
  • Appointment time-slots must be followed. Athletes will not be allowed entrance into the facility in a time-slot other than the one registered for.
  • Be on time to your time-slot and exit the facility ASAP when finished.


  • Athletes will work through their pitching programming at socially distanced locations throughout the facility.
  • All athletes will receive a set of plyo balls upon arrival to their appointment. The set will then be changed for the next group and disinfected.

Hitting / Cage

  • At any one time, there will only be allowed 3 athletes in the large cage and 1 athlete in the small cage.
  • Hitters are strongly recommended to wear batting gloves.


  • All strength and conditioning activities will be taking place outdoors.
  • There will be designated areas for training outdoors with a full set of equipment ready for use.
  • After each appointment, each area will be fully disinfected.




Thank you for your ongoing support,


To register for one of our summer programs you can contact us at info@baseballdevelopment.com

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