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Controlled Articular Rotations Directing Recovery

Today, I wanted to share a short video from my recent resource, Recovery for Baseball: key concepts, thoughts, and practical applications. In it, I discuss how Controlled Articular Rotations, or CARs for short, can help dictate an athlete's recovery routine. On the...

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The Softball Test: A Curious Pattern with UCL Pathology

The “Softball Test”   About five years ago, myself and my cousin began the transition from being PO's in baseball to playing a position in the softball world. After both having pitched our whole lives, both having significant damage to our arms (SLAP tear for me,...

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Keeping up with Baseball Research: 7/18/2018

Here's this latest edition of Keeping up with Baseball Research (7/18/2018). I've been spending a great deal of time looking into command, motor learning, and trying to build a model for how it all fits together. This is obviously a long term project, but something...

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Questioning Conventional Practice for Pitchers

Pitchers at Practice   “If pitchers spent as much time practicing and performing joint mobility work as they do on PFP’s per week we’d see a significant difference in performance & injury reduction” This came up in a conversation with a few guys in ta...

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