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Spring Training Workloads: Too Much, Too Soon?

The fact that injury rates are highest in the first couple months of the Major League Baseball season (e.g., Posner et al., 2011) is just one of several indications that many professional baseball players are going into Spring Training unprepared. Poorly-designed...

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What We Do to Make Weighted Baseball Training “Safe(r)”

Mike Reinold just launched a great article this week sharing his thoughts on the potential risks of poorly-implemented velocity programs (emphasis on “poorly-implemented”). If you haven’t read it yet, we encourage you to go check it out here. To briefly recap, the...

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Building “Capacity” in the Baseball Pitcher

Let’s face it: Throwing a baseball at near-maximal velocities is inherently stressful. As such, pitching is not exactly an activity that lends itself well to being repeated hundreds of times each week over the course of a long competitive baseball season. Yet, that is...

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