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Why We Stopped Using Bands For Warm-up

Players, coaches, and parents are exposed to hundreds of new ideas each day. The explosion of information online is incredible for the eager learner, but should come with a word of caution - sometimes more isn’t always better. It can lead to confusion, tire spinning,...

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The Unsurprising Transformation of James Mienkowski

After establishing Baseball Development Group in the spring of 2016, John and I knew that our inaugural winter development program would be a process of trial and error. Although we were on the same page philosophically and had successfully worked together in the...

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Baseball Research Review #6 – What Predicts UCL Injury?

In this edition of the Baseball Research Review we review a 2016 study that looked at predictors of Ulnar Collateral Ligament reconstruction in MLB pitchers. Whiteside et al. scoured the available PITCH/fx data from 2010-2015 in an attempt to identify risk factors...

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Movement: Patterns versus Programs

The proponents of Dynamic Systems Theory advocate that there is no central governor pressing an 'pitch the baseball' button in the brain. The believe that movements self-organize as a result of the boundaries or constraints placed on the system; the task, environment,...

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